Here is what some of my customers are saying about Bodhi products:

I purchased your Magnesium Oil some months ago.  I am really pleased with the results, spraying it on daily on my injured shoulder has been amazing.  A few minutes after spraying it on, all discomfort has gone.  I find that its really great to have a product that works, so I am writing to say Thank You!  Its also great to have a product that is not internal but applied to the skin.  Sandy

I just wanted to let you know that your Sleep Essence you sent me is the first product I’ve tried that actually works and doesn’t make me feel gross when I wake up.  I’ve tried remedy sleep, sleep drops … everything.  I have no trouble going to sleep but find that I wake at about 3 or 4am and doze for the rest of the morning, with Sleep Essence I can have it at 3, 4 even 5am still wake up at 6, 6.30 and feel great, not groggy like other products I’ve tried.  Every time I’ve had trouble going to sleep because of stress, anxiety, the Sleep essence allows me to drift on within 15 minutes.  It’s miracle Sleep Essence, absolutely amazing product! : )

The MSM Gel is working well. I’ve had a problem injury in my shoulder for the past 10 years.  When it aches I put some MSM Gel on and it instantly relieves any pain.  Simon Ken

I bought the MSM Gel for my 13 y/o daughter to use on her joints as she has juvenile arthritis.  She rubs it on her knees when they get achy and its really helped with her pain.  My mum has also been using it on her fingers as she does a lot of gardening and has pain, she loves it.  Highly recommend using the MSM Gel.  Deb Shepherd

The Magnesium Gel works really well for faciaitis – inflammation of the facia tendon in the arch of the foot.  Fabulous stuff!!

Working long hours on my feet, late nights and stressful work hours, my legs were always in lots of pain, causing me to struggle to sleep and not enjoying my job.  I have since brought Magnesium Gel and have been rubbing it into my legs.  I can honestly say I don’t have the achy problems anymore.  I cant do without it.  Recommend it to anyone.  Jackie Smith

I gave some of this to my friend who has arthritis – she calls this her magic lotion.  My husband has lung cancer and gets pain where it has grown into the pleura, that plus two shoulders damaged in a motor cycle accident.  We are still waiting for the operation on those – when he is in pain I rub it on his shoulders and chest and the effect is almost immediate.  We first tried it as a sample 6 months ago with the usual amount of skepticism – but within minutes it had worked.  Don’t hesitate to give MSM Gel a try – your own experience will be what convinces you.  Raewyn Cowan

When I bought the MSM Gel I had no idea of what an amazing product it is.  My partner and I have used for a variety of problems, sore neck, sore muscles in general and even insect bites.  The gel works within minutes and has relieved pain like nothing else we have tried.  We can only recommend it!!  Pat and Jana

Possibly the best lip balm I have ever used.  Feels great and really does work.  Smells great too.  Will definitely purchase more when I run out!  Angela Hawkins

Julie’s sunscreen is amazing!!